Quick Makeup Tips for Your Busiest Mornings

Quick Makeup Tips for Your Busiest Mornings

Aug 30, 2017

Busy mornings happen, and we have all had those days where we needed a faster makeup routine to get us out the door on time. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to give you a fresh, polished look without taking the time for a full makeup application. Here are some tips that will help on your busiest days:

Opt for a single step. Multiple layers of eyeshadow and perfect eyeliner look great, but it takes time to get it right. Save yourself some steps by using pencil liners and shadows. These go on quickly, define your eyes, and make you look fresh and awake. Don’t toss the liquid liners, just save them for when you have more time to make that perfect cat eye.

Take the one-step option even farther with a single product that colors everywhere – try an all-over color stick that you can use on your eyes, cheeks, and even your lips.

Moisturizer is important, but a heavy cream can take time to absorb, and you usually have to wait for a bit before applying foundation. Try a gel-based moisturizer that will absorb more quickly and leave your skin hydrated and oil-free.

To save time applying eyebrow pencil, apply a few dots into the thinnest areas only, then cover the entire brow with clear mascara or tinted brow gel.

There are several tricks you can use to brighten your face and make you look awake and alert. Try using mascara only on the top lashes, or use eyeliner on the top instead of the bottom. Use peach or apricot colored concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles. Always use your ring finger to blend makeup on the delicate skin under your eyes – the ring finger is weaker and will apply less pressure. Finish off with a translucent powder on your upper cheekbones to tame the shine.

To give you a quick, fresh glow all over, apply bronzing powder with a large makeup brush. This will give you a warm, healthy look with time to spare, even on your busiest mornings.

Tinted lip gloss is the easiest way to give your lips definition without the fuss of lip liner. Choose a light shade that will leave your lips looking healthy without the fuss.

Always carry your essentials with you so you can make finishing touches later. Pre-moistened wipes are a must for touch-ups on the go. You can use them to remove smudging makeup and to apply sunscreen, or you can even use a special wipe to refresh your hairstyle.

And there you have it! You’re out the door and on your way in no time, looking great!

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