Winter Waxing: Why You Should Wax Year Round

Winter Waxing: Why You Should Wax Year Round

Oct 15, 2019

While many people believe that waxing is only a summer treat, it has been shown that there are benefits to waxing throughout all the seasons. Like all tasks that involve body maintenance, all forms of waxing should be kept up with even during the snowy seasons. That’s right! Whether it be bikini waxes, Brazilian waxes, even full butt waxes – keep up on them all year long.

Hair Growth
One of the main problems with interrupting your wax routine for the winter is that it resets your hair growth cycle. The cycle has three stages: growth, slumber, or just falling out on its own. There are other factors that affect this cycle other than waxing alone, including how close to the surface your hair follicles are that affect the results you receive from waxing. If the cycle starts all over again, it is a nightmare trying to get those stubborn hairs out before you hit the beach.

Glowing Skin
The cold front brings nasty visitors when it arrives and they don’t like to be messed with once they settle in. Dryness, flaking, and tightening all accompany the winter air. During the waxing process, the wax helps to exfoliate the dead skin and circulate blood flow to stimulate new growth. Not only does this exfoliation effectively remove ingrown hairs, it creates a layer of new skin that is moisturized and glowing.

Diminished Pain
Although you may be hesitant to start the first wax of the season next year, if you wax year-round it weakens your hair follicles making them brittle and easy to pull out and, yes, there will be less pain! It creates new hair growth that comes in finer and thinner than before. Eliminating the chance to let your hair grow back in wrong is easily attainable when you wax year-round. The hairs don’t get time to grow making it so that ingrown hairs are a thing of the past.

Whether you are a first time waxer who has no idea what they are getting into, or an expert who has been waxed hundreds of times, there is always more to learn about the benefits of waxing and new techniques and styles to be seen.

Winter waxing is no joke and can provide a wonderful experience to overall lessen the pain, ingrown hairs, and dry skin.

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