Try A Perm To Experience Life As A Curly Girl

Try A Perm To Experience Life As A Curly Girl

Mar 31, 2020

It seems that we always want what we don’t have, and that applies to our hair as well. Women with curly hair spend hours in front of a mirror with a flat iron. Women with straight hair wish for curls. If your hair is stick straight and you’ve always wondered what life as a curly girl would be like, perhaps it’s time to give a perm a try.

Wash and Go Style

Since curly hair is the best when air-dried naturally and requires minimal styling, a perm will give you a wash and go style. Just wash, condition, apply your favorite styling products and go. No more hours spent in curlers or in front of the mirror with a curling iron every morning.

Custom Curls

Gone are the days when every perm looked the same. A perm can now be customized to create just the look you want. You can opt for anything from super tight ringlets to loose, bouncy waves and anything in between. 

Volume Without Frizz

In the past perms were usually frizzy and difficult to manage. Modern perms are more gentle and give you curls and volume without the frizz. Your new curls will be soft and easy to manage.

What About Color-Treated Hair?

Perming color-treated hair used to be a big risk. You could end up with fried hair that was brittle and scorched. This was because of the harshness of the chemicals used in both processes. It was just too damaging to the hair. Today, perms and hair colors are specially formulated to be gentle enough that you can have your perm and color it too.

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