How To Make Your Color Last Longer

How To Make Your Color Last Longer

Aug 15, 2019

Let's say you've just left the salon with your stunning new color or highlights, you'd want to get the most wear out of it as possible, right? Well then, you must have proper hair care for color-treated hair. 

Here are a few tips so you can maintain the salon-fresh shades and healthy shine.

To start, don't ignore your stylists' suggestions! When your stylist suggests specific products really consider getting them. You've invested in the color, so invest in the proper care. Your stylist is educated to take the best actions and make the best choices for your hair care. They know your hair best and will make recommendations that will keep it looking great for a long time. Things like sulfate-free shampoos and even dry shampoos are recommended by most stylists.

The second tip is to wait the specified time before washing your hair. The longer you wait, the more time your color has to set fully so you can get long-lasting results. Waiting two days is standard but wait longer if you're able, or if your stylist recommends that you wait.

Next, when you do go to wash out your hair, take it easy on the heat. Cool or lukewarm water helps your color stay longer, and you should always use the recommended conditioner when washing your hair.

After showers avoid rough towel drying, instead wrap your hair loosely and blow dry only when necessary. Also, avoid heated styling tools as much as you can since constant heat will fade your color away.

Lastly, if you go for a swim in pools, make sure your hair is prepared. Use a cap if your able and if not apply a leave-in conditioner before swimming and wash out afterwards.

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