4 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

4 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Apr 30, 2019

If you’re getting married or are attending a wedding soon, you’ll eventually need to start thinking about your look for the big day. You’ll need to find the hairstyle that will best compliment your attire. It can certainly be stressing to have another detail added to the already large event. Here are four ideas to consider if you’re not sure where to start.

Beautiful Braided Bun

A bun is a classic option if you want a romantic updo. To give it a beautiful spin, add a braid. Whether it’s a regular neat tight bun or a messy bun, it can be worn with a braid of any width wrapped around its base. Add in accessories such as diamonds, pearls, flowers, and other bling to really play up a romantic look.

Romantic Loose Braid

Choose a loose braid that rests over your shoulder for something a bit more relaxed. It’s a simple and perfect way to interweave flowers and jewelry for a touch of romance. Consider adding bits of color that will beautifully intertwine and pop against your natural hair.

Gorgeous Curls

Show off your natural curls, or create your own beautiful, large curls to frame your face and fall down your neck for an elegant look. With an accessory of your choice, pin one side back to complete the look.

Charming Half-Updo

If you’re wanting your hair out of your face but still want it flowing behind you, try a half-updo. Take hair from each side of your head, braid the two pieces, then have them joined at the back of your head. The rest of your hair is left to fall down your neck and back either naturally or curled/straightened.

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