Get Beautiful Lashes With Lash Tinting

Get Beautiful Lashes With Lash Tinting

Jul 15, 2019

Ever look at someone else's eyelashes and notice how prominent they are? Did you feel a bit envious? If you did it's ok, lash envy happens. For those of use with light, nearly invisible lashes, we have to battle with our mascara to get the results we want every morning. But you don't have to anymore! Lash tinting might be just what you need if you have light blonde or red lashes that aren't very visible.

Lash tinting is very straight forward. A specially made dye that's safe for the eye area is used to give you darker lashes. It's a quick and economical process that take just about 15 minutes out of your day. The dye gets applied after a bit of prepping and left to set for 5 minutes. Then it's washed away, and you're left with dark lashes that last 3 to 5 weeks.

You can skip mascara altogether once your lashes are tinted, unless you're feeling like a more dramatic look is needed. The great thing is that even after a swim or work, you still have your dark lashes. No more runny mascara! You can hop out of bed and already have a step of your makeup routine knocked out.

Eyelash tinting provides a rich contrast for women with lighter skin that makes your eyes pop. Even those that have sensitive skin might find lash tinting to be a great option since applying mascara daily can irritate your eyes.

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