Hot Hairstyles & Trends for Fall

Hot Hairstyles & Trends for Fall

Oct 29, 2019

We are experiencing nice, crisp fall weather and with each change of season brings new, fun trends and styles. Whether we look on the runways, the fashion channels, or around our own town, there’s some great inspiration out there with trendy hairstyles to inspire you to experiment with some changes for the new season. 

Deep Side Part. As we transition into fall, parts are moving from the center to a deep side part that sweeps over the forehead. Deep side parts can need a little help from the fall’s hottest accessories to hold the part in place. Keep the accessories contemporary and professional for work but don’t be afraid to experiment with some fun bling for a night out.

Fancy Buns. We know that buns aren’t new to the fashion scene. However, for summer we saw messy and casual buns. Now, we are seeing things start to get a bit more serious this fall when it comes to buns. Buns are becoming classier with fancy twists, loops, and tucks with clean lines and not a hair out of place. If you want to learn how to style this new, complicated looking bun, your Taire stylist can give you some pointers when you’re in for your next haircut.

Romantic Waves. We are seeing a throw-back to the retro style of soft, romantic finger curls along the hairline. Create your curl, then tuck and pin your hair in just the right spot to achieve that old-school look. Soft waves look great whether you are going on an outing, to work, or even to a formal occasion like a wedding. You control how unique and dramatic you want your curls to be.

Low-slung Pony. Low ponytails never go out of style. Relaxed, messy ponytails were hot for a summer trend. For fall, we are ready to get back to the sleek, low, full of shimmer pony’s with every hair neatly in its place.  Sectioned or single, just make sure to use the secret ingredient, gloss, to deliver the slick-backed look no matter if it’s for a professional or laid-back style.

Braids Galore. Fall 2019 is bringing braids to a new level. If you have extremely long hair ... you got this style in the bag! The longer the better is the name of the game this fall when it comes to braids. If you are like most of us, and lack that extreme length, hair extensions are a great option worth exploring. French braids that start at the top and go into a long-extended braid and reverse braids that start at the nape of the neck and travel up are just the start for the fabulous braids we will see this fall.

If you want a new hairstyle, or just want to learn some more fun hairstyles to turn up the attention on your fall look, make your appointment today at Taire Hair Salon. We're dedicated to helping you look and feel your best every day! You can find us 2050 County Line Road in Huntingdon Valley, or give us a call at 215.322.8794. Prefer to schedule an appointment yourself? Download our free mobile app on the AppStore, on Google Play, or on Amazon.