Hair Conditioner 101

Hair Conditioner 101

Sep 22, 2017

Nothing feels better than walking out of the salon with your new precision haircut – you look great, you feel great, and your hair feels great. Good hair care is a crucial part of making that feeling last until your next salon visit, and conditioning is a vital part of your hair care program. Everyone needs conditioner, even if your hair is oily – and here’s why:

Your hair is made up of two layers: the cortex, which is the central structure of each strand, and the cuticle, an outside layer of cells that protects the cortex. The cuticle is a series of cells that overlap each other – in a healthy strand of hair, they all cling tight and smoothly against the cortex.

When hair is dry, the cuticle cells in each strand separate from each other and get caught on the cortex of other strands, causing hair to be frizzy and tangled.

Here’s where conditioner steps in. Ingredients in conditioner surround the cuticle cells, creating a barrier and causing them to lay flat against each other again, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and easy to detangle.

People with oily hair often skip conditioner, thinking this will make things worse. In fact, everyone needs conditioner because it replaces the natural oils that are stripped by shampooing. When hair is depleted of these oils, it tends to overproduce them, adding even more oils to already oily hair. Instead of skipping conditioner, consider shampooing less often (but still conditioning every day) and use a conditioner that is formulated for your specific hair type. Ask your stylist about the best products to use for your individual needs.

While most people condition all over, it’s actually not necessary to condition your scalp. Hair near your scalp is newer and healthier, so when you condition, start in the middle of your hair and work toward the ends, where your hair needs the most moisturizing and protection.

And there you have it! Silky, shiny and manageable hair that looks great with every style!

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