Hair Care Tips Between Salon Visits

Hair Care Tips Between Salon Visits

Sep 10, 2017

There’s nothing better than the feeling of stepping out of the salon with a new hairstyle! The cut is fresh, the styling is professional, and your hair has been treated to the best hair care products available. With a few easy tips, you can stretch out that feeling all the way to your next salon visit – and healthy hair is the key.

When it comes to washing, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Frequent washing can over-strip your hair’s natural oils, leaving it either dry and unmanageable or, ironically, too oily, because the scalp is trying to overproduce oils to compensate. Many stylists recommend hair washing only two to three times per week. Use cool water, since hot water will have a drying effect.

Conditioning, however, should happen every day. Ask your stylist to recommend the best conditioner for your hair type, and use it often. Apply it from the mid-length of your hair to the ends, which need the most conditioning, and avoid the scalp, which has newer cells that do not need as much hydration. Use a deep conditioner weekly to repair any damage.

Heat can damage hair, so use care with heated styling tools. Aim your blow dryer so that it dries from the top down to the roots of the hair. Use a moderate heat setting, and hold the dryer as close to your hair as possible without touching it. For extra protection from heat, ask your stylist about heat protectant products, especially if your style requires daily upkeep with heated styling products.

Even if you want to grow your hair long, visit the stylist for a trim every two to three months. Without regular trimming, split ends can travel farther up each hair strand, damaging your hair in the long run.

Friction can damage hair because the cells of one strand become tangled with another. Avoid friction by sleeping on a satin pillow, which is more slippery than cotton. Be gentle when brushing, drying your hair with a towel, and even when you pull it back into a ponytail to avoid lost strands and breakage.

Give your hair daily TLC and it will reward you with shine, softness, and a healthy bounce!

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