Waxing for Smooth Summer Skin

Waxing for Smooth Summer Skin

Jul 30, 2018

Summer is in full swing, and with all the pool parties and water sports, our legs are in full view of the world. Keeping them smooth can be a challenge, and if you shave to remove unwanted hair, you know how that can be a constant battle. If you’re frustrated with shaving and looking for a better solution, waxing may be perfect for you.

Waxing has many benefits over shaving, and the first one is that it lasts. With shaving, you start to get stubble growth as soon as the next day. But with waxing, your smooth legs last four to six weeks. That’s because waxing removes hair at the root, while shaving cuts it off at the surface. Your razor leaves the base of each hair behind, allowing them to grow back quickly. Waxing removes everything down to the follicle, so hair must completely regrow from the root up, which takes much longer.

When waxing, you are also exfoliating your skin, which removes dead skin cells and helps stimulate faster cell rejuvenation for better skin texture. Unlike shaving, there’s no risk of cuts, which can lead to unsightly scars.

When hair does grow back after waxing, it appears finer than if you have been shaving. In fact, hair may stop growing back altogether in areas that have been waxed regularly.

Some people are afraid to wax because they have heard it is painful. This is not the case when it’s done by professional estheticians. Their expertise allows them to use the right kind and right amount of wax for your individual needs, and they know how to remove wax with little discomfort. When shaving, you experience razor burn and regrowth itching every couple of days, as well as pain from those occasional cuts. On balance, shaving can be much more uncomfortable.

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