Texturing Options for a Fun, New Hairstyle

Texturing Options for a Fun, New Hairstyle

Aug 29, 2018

As we approach the new season, it’s time to think about trying a new hairstyle to go with that new wardrobe for fall. One fun way to create a new style is through texturing – either by straightening or adding curl. Here are a few facts about the options that may inspire you to try something new!

If you’re thinking about straightening, a keratin treatment may be the right choice for you. Keratin treatments infuse protein into your hair as well as straightening agents that smooth things out and control the frizz. Once treated, your hair is amazingly smooth and shiny, without the hassle of working the flat-iron every morning. Even blow-drying time is cut in half after a keratin treatment.

Traditional keratin treatments can be somewhat time-consuming, so another option is a keratin express treatment. You get the same smooth, shiny, healthy finish in less time and at a lower cost. Express treatments can take as little as a half hour, with results lasting for four to six weeks.

On the opposite end, if you’re looking to add some curl to your style, try a perm. Perms used to be associated with the big hair, frizzy look of the 80’s and 90’s, but today’s perms are a lot different. The emphasis is on soft, healthy-looking hair and natural looking curls. The harsher chemicals of the past have been improved through technology, and with an emphasis on conditioning, today we get that gorgeous curl without the extra frizz.

Perms can be customized in many ways to create the perfect style for you. The size of the curl depends on the size of the rods used, so curls can be tight and small or loose, bouncy beach waves. For a unique look, you can perm only the ends and leave the top straighter.

Whichever look you choose, bring photos to the salon of the hairstyle you want. That helps your stylist select the best process for your hair type and condition that will get you that perfect new style for fall.

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