Talk to Your Stylist to Get the Exact Look You Want

Talk to Your Stylist to Get the Exact Look You Want

Dec 10, 2018

We’ve all been there. You get to the salon thinking about exactly the style or color you want, but you walk out with something that’s a bit off from exactly the look you wanted. This happens because hairstyles can be difficult to explain. But rest easy. Just a few easy tips can help you be prepared for your next trip to the salon!

Photos. While it’s difficult to explain a style verbally, visuals can really help clarify things. If possible, always bring a picture of the style you want. If you can’t find the exact style you want in a photo, try bringing in photos of different elements you want so you can discuss them with your stylist. If necessary, bring images that show how you don’t want the style to turn out.

Exact descriptions. General phrases like, “too long” or “too short” mean different things to different people. Instead, talk about exactly how much you want taken off or where you want your hair to fall on your back or neck. Before talking about inches, bring out the tape measurer at home and compare it to where you want your hair to fall – you may find that two inches are longer or shorter than you imagined when it comes to your hair. As to styling, adjectives are helpful. Bangs can be “wispy,” curls can be “loose,” and layers can be “face-framing.”

Problem-solving. Usually, people want a new haircut, hairstyle or color to solve problems they’ve had with their hair in the past. Think about the problem you want to solve and explain that to your stylist. If you’ve tried other stylists and haven’t been happy, explain what it was you didn’t like about those styles in the past.

Personality. Your hairstyle, cut and color need to fit your individual personality and lifestyle. When talking about hair, lifestyle means how much time you have to style every day and whether your hair is subject to harsh elements each day, like dry heat in the winter or chlorine from pools in the summer. To really show your stylist your personality, dress the way you do every day at work or for an evening out, so they can determine what styles and colors really work for you.

Expectations. Go into the salon with the attitude that the style you get will be unique to you. You may have chosen a photo from a top model on the runway, but often these photos are retouched and don’t portray reality. The same hairstyle on you is going to look a little different, and that’s okay. Beauty is all about being an individual and expressing yourself!

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