Skin Care Tips for the Spring Season

Skin Care Tips for the Spring Season

Mar 25, 2019

Welcome to spring! As things warm up ahead, it’s time for a change in your skincare routine – healthy skin helps your makeup stay perfect all day. Your skin needed different products and techniques to stay healthy during the cold winter months, and the warmer temperatures will affect the products you use. Today, we’ll give you some tips from the pros to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful this season.

Keep things light. In the winter, we needed heavier cream moisturizers, heavy cleansers, and thicker foundations. For spring, opt for lighter, hydrating products.

Spring cleaning. It’s time to get replace old makeup and skin care products, for a couple of reasons. First, the shades that worked well for your winter wardrobe won’t complement your summer wardrobe, so it’s time to switch things up to lighter, spring-like shades. Second, makeup that’s been used and has been sitting can harbor bacteria, so you won’t want to use it again next year.

Exfoliate. Winter does a number on your skin, and now is the time to start regular exfoliating to put that dry, flaky winter skin behind you. Use a gentle product formulated for your skin type about two or three times per week.

Block the rays. Skin needs sunscreen all year long, because even on cloudy days, UV rays can pass through and damage your skin. But with much warmer temperatures ahead, you’ll be spending more time outdoors, so focusing more on sun protection is a must.

Moisturize. Invest in a great moisturizer specially formulated for your skin type, ideally one that includes the UV protection noted above. It’s time to heal that dry winter skin that you’ll be showing off more in the months to come. Remember to moisturize from the inside by drinking plenty of water every day. Hydrated skin is healthy and glowing.

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