Pro Tips for Your Fall Skincare Routine

Pro Tips for Your Fall Skincare Routine

Sep 27, 2018

Autumn is officially here, and as temperatures slowly shift cooler it’s time for a transition. We’re bringing out the fall wardrobe and adding a few new pieces, trying out a new hairstyle or color, and shifting our skincare routine. That’s right – your skincare routine needs to adjust for the falling temperatures as well, and great skin is a must to look your best in this season’s hottest makeup trends.

During the summer, it was all about keeping it light to fight the heat and help our makeup stay in place. As temperatures come down, the focus will shift to staying hydrated in the dry indoor heat.

Because your skin will produce less oil in the cooler temperatures ahead, your cleansing routine will change. The pros recommend switching up your cleansers for morning and night, with a gel in the morning and a lotion-based, light cleanser at night. A good sulfate-free gel is effective for that deep clean you need before applying makeup in the morning, and the lighter lotion at night will help effectively remove the day’s makeup.

Moisturizing will be a crucial step – and starting with a toner will help lock in that moisture. While many women skip the toner, it balances your skin’s pH and helps with hydration. Choose an alcohol-free product designed for your skin type.

In the summer, we wanted to keep things light, including our moisturizer. But in the fall and winter it’s time to switch to a heavier cream that really locks in the moisture. If you have oily skin, keep choosing the oil-free products, but for dry skin, consider one that includes some light, beneficial oils. Serums are also important because they infuse antioxidants and other nutrients to condition your skin.

You may be tempted to skip the sunscreen, but even cloudy autumn days let the UV rays through that can cause drying and premature aging – your skin needs protection from the sun year-round. Select a broad-spectrum product with a minimum SPF of 15.

Healthy, moisturized skin is a must to look your best in the beautiful makeup colors of fall, and adjusting your skincare routine will help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

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