Lash Tinting: Beautiful Lashes without the Mascara Hassle

Lash Tinting: Beautiful Lashes without the Mascara Hassle

Sep 14, 2018

Lash envy – it happens, especially for those of us born with light, practically invisible lashes who have to fight the clumpy mascara every morning. Some women were born lucky, with thick, dark, noticeable lashes, but if you have light blonde or red lashes that aren’t so visible, lash tinting may be the perfect solution for you.

Lash tinting is just that – a dye specifically designed for the eye area that gives you darker looking lashes. The process is quick and economical, taking about 15 minutes of your time. After some prep work, dye is applied, set for about five minutes, then washed away, leaving your lashes dark and gorgeous. The tint lasts for about three to five weeks.

Once tinted, you can skip mascara altogether or use it occasionally when you want a more dramatic look. Your lashes look great even after swimming or exercise, with no worries about mascara smudging or running down your face. Every morning, you hop out of bed looking like you’ve already applied some makeup, saving you precious time in your morning routine. The struggle with clumpy mascara is over!

For women with light complexions, eyelash tinting provides a rich contrast that makes your eyes pop. Those with sensitive skin may find lash tinting to be the perfect option since daily applications of mascara can irritate your eyes all day long.

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