Hair Care Tips for Cold Winter Months

Hair Care Tips for Cold Winter Months

Dec 29, 2018

We are all aware of the damage that long, lazy days in the summer sun can do to your hair, but the winter environment can also lead to damage. Dry hair, itchy scalp – it all happens when hair is exposed to the extra dry heat from indoor heaters. Here are a few tips from the pros that can help keep your hair soft and silky all winter long.

Indoor heaters dry up every last drop of humidity, and the same effect can dry up essential moisture on your hair. During the winter months, the trick is to take advantage of every opportunity to hydrate, while eliminating activities that lead to excess drying.

This includes shampooing because excess shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils that keep it hydrated. We all tend to shampoo too often, and in the winter, removing those protective oils can be devastating. Most professional stylists recommend washing only two or three times a week. You can keep your hair feeling and smelling fresh in between washes with a dry shampoo formulated for your hair type. When you do shampoo, choose a sulfate-free option to keep your hair soft and manageable.

The opposite is true for conditioning, which needs to happen as often as possible. Ask your stylist about deep conditioning treatments and other conditioning options to keep your hair hydrated all season.

A hot shower might feel great when the weather is cold outside, but even the heat of the shower can damage your hair and scalp. Dial down the heat and take warm showers to keep your hair in top condition.

The same holds true for your thermostat. While it’s tempting to keep a toasty, hot house when it’s blistering cold out, keep the thermostat turned down a tad so it’s warm but not hot inside. A hot indoor environment dries out your hair and costs more on your heating bills.

If possible, avoid those hot styling tools, which damage hair with excessive use. Pat hair dry with a towel and try a new style for the winter that doesn’t require so many heated tools. You’ll save your hair and save time every day.

Finally, don’t skip your trips to the stylist. Keeping your hair trimmed rids you of the split ends that can become worse in those cold winter months. Due for a trim? Make an appointment today at Taire Hair Salon. Our professional stylists will keep your hair looking great all through the cold winter months! You can find us 2050 County Line Road in Huntingdon Valley, or call 215.322.8794 to set up your appointment. Want to instantly schedule an appointment yourself? Try our free mobile app, available for download on the AppStoreGoogle Play or Amazon.