Future Trends: The New Wave in Perms

Future Trends: The New Wave in Perms

May 28, 2018

This year, curls seem to be everywhere. From beach waves to tight, fluffy ringlets, many of today’s hot styles are definitely sporting curls. If you weren’t born with natural waves, you may be considering a perm, but are afraid they are too outdated. Don’t despair! Perms are back – with a modern twist.

Back in the 80s and 90s, perms were the thing. Everyone wanted big hair, and they were willing to pay the price – old perm technology often left hair frizzy and damaged. The look was definitely big, but there seemed to be more frizz than curl in those days.

Technology has changed, and today’s perms are gentle and moisturizing. Improved products leave hair soft and healthy instead of damaged and frizzy, so people with straight hair can indulge in perms more often and take advantage of the latest styles.

Today’s perms are customized. You’re not stuck with tight curls when what you really want is the beach wave look. Modern perms allow stylists to create exactly the look you want, curls, waves, or just more texture, while your hair is left healthy looking, soft, and manageable.

If you’re thinking about giving your style some curl, talk to your stylist first. Customization is the key, so bring in pictures of the look you’d like. Ask about pre-conditioning – you may want to have a series of professional deep conditioning treatments before the perm for best results. It all depends on the look you want and the current condition of your hair. Ask about blow drying versus air drying. Some styles are better suited to letting hair dry naturally and holding that curl. Finally, inquire about the best products for caring for your new, wavy locks.

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