Fight the Frizz with Keratin

Fight the Frizz with Keratin

Jan 27, 2019

If you’re like many women, winter has you singing the blues when it comes to your hair. With lower humidity, as well as regular exposure to heated indoor air, your hair is constantly deprived of moisture. Dry, damaged hair means frizzy hair, so it’s important to restore that protective barrier. That’s where keratin treatments come to the rescue.

Keratin is a protein that builds healthy hair, skin, and nails. As hair is damaged, it loses some of its structure. That’s why keratin treatments work – they fill in the gaps left when hair is damaged to restore each strand’s strength.

At Taire Hair Salon, we offer express keratin treatments, which take less time than a traditional keratin treatment and lets you wash your hair again after 24 hours – for most traditional keratin treatments, you have to wait three to four days to wash again. Express keratin treatments last for about four to six weeks. Here’s a rundown of a few benefits of an express keratin treatment for your hair.

Straightening. Keratin treatments can straighten out your hair, saving you the hassle of working with the flat iron every morning.

Smoothing. After a keratin treatment, your hair is silky and smooth, and frizz is a thing of the past, regardless of the weather.

Time-saving. Keratin treatments can cut your blow-drying time by 40% to 60%, saving you a ton of time every morning. Styling is easy because your hair is smooth, straight and gorgeous.

Healthy. Hair that is regularly treated with keratin becomes healthier over time. There are two reasons: the hair is infused with keratin, a vital protein, and you avoid excess heat by using fewer heated styling tools. Less time with the blow dryer and flat iron means less damage.

If you’ve been struggling with frizz, give an express keratin treatment a try. Make an appointment today at Taire Hair Salon, and our professional stylists will help you decide if a keratin treatment is the right option for your styling needs. You can find us 2050 County Line Road in Huntingdon Valley or call 215.322.8794 to set up your appointment. If you prefer to manage your own appointments, try our Taire Salon mobile app, available for free on the AppStoreGoogle Play or Amazon.