Enhance Your Makeup with Regular Skincare

Enhance Your Makeup with Regular Skincare

Jan 24, 2018

A great skincare routine is crucial, and healthy skin is a must to help your makeup look great. Luckily, building a good skincare routine is easy – here are some tips to get you started:

Skin type. Identifying your skin type is the first and most important step in your skincare routine. All the products you select will need to be formulated specifically for your skin type. You probably already know whether your skin is dry or oily. Other possibilities include combination skin, which is oily in some parts and dry in others, and sensitive skin, which is more prone to allergic reactions to some ingredients. Ask your esthetician to recommend the best skincare products for your skin type.

Cleanser. Cleaning is the first step in your routine. Don’t use regular soap – use a specially formulated facial cleanser for your skin type. Apply gently and rinse with warm water.

Toner. Many people skip this step, but toner is an important part of your skincare routine. It balances your skin’s pH and can even infuse important nutrients, depending on the product you choose.

Serums. Depending on your skin type needs, this is the point where you may want to add antioxidant and other serums to enhance your skin’s health.

Moisturizing. Moisture is crucial for all skin types. Even oily skin needs moisture – just choose an oil-free product. Massage your moisturizer in a circular motion for even more benefits. The massage will help improve blood circulation and stimulate skin renewal processes.

Sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must for every face, in every climate. Damaging UV rays are present even on cloudy days. Ideally, choose a moisturizer with sunscreen protection to avoid an extra step.

Do your skincare routine each morning and night. If you are using hydroxy acids or similar ingredients, use these only at night, or sometimes every other day. Check the label and ask your esthetician about the most effective frequency.

And there you have it – a great basic skincare routine that will help keep your skin glowing and your makeup looking its very best!

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