Changing Your Makeup Routine for Fall

Changing Your Makeup Routine for Fall

Nov 15, 2018

As temperatures change, you may be finding that the makeup routine you relied on for summer seems to be missing something. That’s because cooler weather changes your skin’s needs, and that means making a few adjustments for the season. Don’t worry, great-looking makeup is easy with just a few simple changes.

Cold temperatures mean more indoor heating – and more exposure to dry air for your skin. That means the first change you’ll need is at the foundation, and now is the time to step up your moisturizing. Instead of the light lotion you used this summer, switch to a heavier, hydrating cream that stays in place to soak up the moisture.

Your foundation also needs a transition to a heavier cream. During the summer, humidity keeps our faces moist, so you may have opted out of foundation and went with a tinted moisturizer. It’s time to bring back that heavier, moisturizing foundation (but buy a fresh bottle – you never want to use old makeup products on your skin).

While moisturizing is your first goal, don’t forget the sun protection. UV rays still find their way through cloudy, cold skies, so choose foundations and moisturizers with an SPF of at least 15.

Speaking of sun, with less time outdoors, you’ll want to keep that healthy summer glow throughout the cold season with bronzers and highlighters. Bronzers should be brushed on everywhere the sun might hit, and highlighters pair up with blush to showcase your cheeks.

Makeup colors should transform with the seasons, as bright colors of summer make way for the warm, darker shades of autumn. Look to the colors outdoors for inspiration. Great choices for your eyes include warm browns and bronzes, plums and cranberries, greys, and dusty shades of purple. Fall lip colors include magentas, coppers, and mauves, while that rosy-cheek shade can be pulled off with cranberry and warm pinks.

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