Balayage Highlights for a Custom Look

Balayage Highlights for a Custom Look

Feb 13, 2019

You’ve been thinking about a new hair color. You’re reluctant to make a drastic change, but you feel like your hair color is looking drab these days, and you need a little something to brighten things up. If this sounds like you, balayage highlighting may be the perfect option!

Balayage is definitely a hot trend, but what is it exactly? Balayage is actually a technique that your stylist uses it to create a unique, individual style for you, and it’s different than other highlighting techniques.

Traditional highlighting techniques use foil to separate sections of hair before coloring those strands. The result is uniform layers of highlight color that looks great – but it’s not as natural looking or unique as balayage.

That’s because the balayage technique is a freehand style. Its name comes from a French word that means to paint or to sweep, and that’s exactly what your stylist does – paints the hair color on in a sweeping motion, strategically placing the highlights to create perfect, natural-looking color that looks like you just spent time in the sun.

Since it’s a technique, not a specific color or pattern, each person’s hair will look different with the balayage technique. Your stylist becomes an artist, painting on just the right highlights to achieve the look you want.

In addition to a gorgeous, natural look, another advantage of balayage highlights is that when your hair grows out, it continues to look natural, compared with foil highlights, which have a more obvious regrowth pattern.

Balayage works with hair of any length or texture, and there are endless combinations of colors that can be used, depending on the look you want. Before visiting your stylist, you may want to look at online hair color photos and choose a color combination that you like. While your hair won’t look the same as the picture (since balayage is an art and each style is unique), a picture can help you explain to your stylist which color combinations you want.

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