salon policies

Hair Service Guarantee:
Your happiness is our priority! If you are not entirely satisfied, we ask that you contact the salon within 1 week of your appointment date so that we can discuss the issue with you directly. We’ll set up a time for you to visit the salon (within 2 weeks of your original appointment date) in order to see the color or cut in person and advise on the next step(s). If there is a technical mistake, a product failure, or if your color was different than what was discussed in your consultation, then we can re-adjust accordingly at no additional charge. If you did not follow the stylist’s recommendations for product use at home, we cannot guarantee your color results. Some color looks require more than one appointment to achieve the desired outcome and your stylist will consult with you about that. If you decide to take your color in a different direction than what was originally discussed during your consultation, we would be happy to make adjustments for you at regular service prices. Fashion colors naturally fade much sooner and we do not offer a guarantee on those services. We do not offer refunds for services but we will always offer to correct what you were not happy with.

Product Return Policy:
You may exchange a retail product that you were not happy with for a different product (not a service) within 1 month of purchase. No cash refunds will be given. Products cannot be returned or exchanged after 1 month from date of purchase. All makeup sales are final and gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. 

Appointment Cancellation & No-Show Policy:
24-hour cancellation policy: If you cancel your appointment on the day of your scheduled time or do not show up for your appointment without calling, you hinder your stylist’s ability to earn commission and fill that time slot with another client. We have a grace period of one appointment because it happens to all of us sometimes! However, upon your second "No Show", you will automatically incur a charge of 50% of your scheduled service price.  We will require a 50% deposit before scheduling any future appointments. That deposit that will be credited to your services in full. That deposit is refundable up to 24 hours prior to your appointment but same-day cancellations or “no shows” will result in a loss of that deposit.  We also may require a 50% deposit from clients who have a history of same day cancellations. 

Large Service Deposits:
Larger services, such as straightening treatments, color corrections, fashion color services and some balayage hair color require a minimum $100 deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is refundable up to 48 hours prior to your appointment date but same day cancellations or “no shows” will result in a loss of that deposit.

Convenience Fees:
Due to increasing credit card/debit card fees, there will be a 3% charge when using these forms of payment.  Please consider paying with cash whenever possible.  Currently there is no ATM availble in the salon.  Please plan accordingly.

Animals are not permitted in the salon. Guide dogs are an exception. As much as we love our furry companions, the salon is not an appropriate environment for pets.

Children receiving services must be accompanied by an adult. For the safety of all, children must be supervised and controlled at all times. Only clients receiving a service are permitted beyond the waiting area.

Cell Phone/ Speaker Phone:
We ask clients to refrain from using speakerphones and FaceTime in the salon. You should avoid phone usage while being serviced.

If you are going to be late for your appointment, please give us a call and let us know. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if we are unable to accommodate you due to the lateness.


Q: Why should I book my appointment in advance?

A: There are several reasons why you should make your appointments in advance:
• To ensure you book a time that is convenient for you
• Some providers are difficult to get in with especially if you are getting multiple services done so this insures you are seeing you preferred providers
• To always have your hair looking great and not having to worry if something important pops up

Q: Is it better to call the salon or book online for an appointment?

A: Either is fine but booking online can sometimes have its limitations. First, not all services are available for online booking. The online scheduler always wants to find the perfect scenario for booking online so if you’re booking multiple services and the computer isn’t giving you an option for the day/time you’re looking for, it may be best to call the salon and a guest service expert will find you an appointment. Booking single service appointments is fast and easy online.

Q: How often should I have my hair cut?

A: That depends on several factors such as: length, shape, rate of growth and health of hair. The shorter the hair the quicker the shape grows out. If you have split ends you will want to cut them off as soon as possible as they can quickly become worse over time.
Here are some general time-frames for getting your haircut.
• Men’s short hair: 3-5 weeks
• Short hair (bob or shorter): 4-5 weeks
• Medium hair (bob to shoulder length): 5-6 weeks
• Long hair (shoulder length and longer): 6-12 weeks

Also, if you are getting your hair colored often and you have short to medium hair length, you may want to schedule your haircut and color together so you are not at the salon one week for color and the next for cut.

Q: How often should I have my hair colored?

A: This is a question best answered by your colorists because each person’s color is tailored to your individual needs and long-term goals. Please consult your colorist to discuss your options

Q: Should I schedule a trial before my wedding, prom etc…?

A: Trials are recommended especially for Brides, Mother of Bride, Mother of Groom and Guests of Honor for special events. If you have specific concerns about how your hair may look on the day of an event, you may want to schedule a trial or a consultation. Please note that not all stylists do updos, so if you are just booking a blow dry or hair down with curls and try to change to an updo on day of event that this may not be possible given each provider’s particular skill set.

Appointments Confirmations and Reminders
Q: Will I get an appointment reminder?

A: Yes, we have many different ways of reminding you of your appointment so that we can avoid cancellations and no-shows. When you first book an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation shortly thereafter so you can see that it was booked correctly.  If you notice it is incorrect, please call the salon as soon as possible so we can adjust.  An appointment reminder email is sent 3 days before your appointment and a text reminder is sent 2 days before your appointment. You can confirm through those reminders or change your appointment through the online booking link or by calling the salon. If you fail to respond to those reminders, we will make every attempt to call you to confirm your appointment. Please make sure we have updated phone numbers and email addresses.

Q: My stylist is sick. When can you get me in?

A: We will do our very best to get you in with your stylist when they return to work and they may even pick up some additional hours to accommodate their clients or we will try to get you in with another stylist that day if possible.

Q: Can I get a treatment on my hair when I come in for my appointment?

A: Yes, you can usually get a treatment every time you come to the salon as long as time allows. If you prefer to get a treatment each time you come to the salon, please book it when you are scheduling your appointment to ensure we have enough time to accommodate your treatment. If you don’t have a treatment scheduled and would like one, we will do our best to accommodate you. Your stylist or colorist may also suggest having a treatment during your visit if they think that it may benefit your desired results. Treatments are a great way to enhance your color, texture and the overall health of your hair!

Q: Is it okay to use my computer and phone in the salon?

A: While we know many of our clients have busy schedules and may be working through their lunch breaks it is important to note that our staff is trying to keep to a schedule as well. As long as your use of technology doesn’t interfere with their ability to perform their service in a reasonable manner you are more than welcome to work away!  However the use of speaker phone, loud conversations, and high volume does interfere with the guest experience for our other clients, so we ask that you please take those types of calls outside or use ear buds.

Types of Payment
Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover)

Q: What is the best method for tipping your service providers?

A: Taire offers 3 ways to tip your service providers and assistants
• Cash (Preferred)
• Venmo
• Tippy App – located at the reception desk, and allows you to tip your provider directly  using your credit/debit card. There is a slight fee for using this app.