2016.09 taire

Switch It Up Instantly with Hair Extensions

It was a great summer – loads of fun in the sun and evenings under the stars. Now it’s winding down and you’re turning your attention to the coming autumn. Time to switch things up for the new season. Not…

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2016.08.11 taire

Fall Forward Hair Trends

You’re probably still squeezing the last few drops of summer fun from your calendar, but it’s not too early to start thinking about what to do with your hair for fall. While you’re lounging by the pool or lying back…

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2016.05.07 helens

Choosing The Right Hair Cut

The best way to get a great cut is to choose a great stylist, and then follow the advice he or she gives you. This is especially true at the moment when the trend in hairstyling is to take advantage…

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Beautiful woman near the sea

Make Up Tips For Summer

With summer make up as with summer fashion, less is usually best. Warm weather and humidity call for fewer layers of clothing, and the same holds true for your make up routine. The only thing that should be getting a…

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2016.06.26 taire

Great Hair for Those Summer Events

Summer is busy, and part of that seasonal hustle and bustle probably involves a big event or two. With everything else going on, and with all of the time you’re probably spending outside, there’s not a whole lot of time…

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2016.06.16 taire

How About a Smooth (Hair) Summer

If you’re like the millions of naturally curly heads on the planet, summer can be a mixed blessing. Sure, it’s good fun and all, but that humidity issue can really be a downer. Even if you’re more on the wavy…

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summer hair care

Summer Care for Your Color

There’s nothing quite like a carefree summer day. Lounging in the sun, playing in the water, and dancing the night away under a warm summer sky. Unfortunately, all that carefree play means you’ll need to put a little forethought into…

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summer hair extensions

Caring For Hair Extensions In The Summer

Thanks to some carefully chosen extensions, you’ve got exactly the look you want for summer. Now the question is how to keep them looking their best throughout the long, sunny days as well as the hot steamy nights ahead. Here…

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Waxing Ready For Summer

Warm weather means wearing fewer clothes. Wearing fewer clothes means more exposed skin, and more exposed skin means that it’s probably time for a wax. Whether you’re a waxing novice or a seasoned pro, there are a few warm weather…

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4 Bridal Hairstyles Hot for 2016

Finding the right hairstyle for your wedding is almost as important a decision as your wedding dress. If you’re finding it hard to decide between leaving it down and doing a fancy updo, why not pay attention to the hot…

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