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Winter Hair Colors for Success

The holidays are over, spring is far in the distance, and you’re probably wrapped up in so many layers that you look like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man. Welcome to deep, dark midwinter when daylight and light hearts are in…

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Discover All the Rave of Hair Extensions

It’s a New Year and time for a “new” you! What are you dreaming about for 2017? Perhaps it’s a wardrobe overhaul or new fitness goals, relationship reworking, career conquests, living healthier, cleaner, freer? While you’re conquering your resolutions, let’s…

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Quick Tips for Eye-Catching Holiday Makeup

We’re all looking for simple ways to improve our seasonal décor this holiday. How can we revive the long-loved heirlooms? What will put our holiday display one level above the neighbors? And what new trends are complementing our personal fashion?…

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Rethink Your Regular Ways This Winter

The warmth of summer is long gone and your hair extensions will be feeling the cold, dry weather just like your skin. Remembering to tweak your normal hair care routine for your extensions during the winter months is a must…

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Closeup of beautician hands doing depilation to beautiful woman legs with wax strip in a beauty salon

Waxing In Winter – Do It!

It may not seem right somehow, worrying about unwanted hair that is currently out of sight beneath layers (and layers) of clothing. But now is not the time to slack off on your waxing routine. Not only are the holidays…

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Talk The Talk – Help Your Stylist Get It Right

Although a good stylist may seem to read your mind, the truth is that most of them are relying on you to tell them what your hairstyle goals really are. Despite seeming to be able to work miracles, stylists are…

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Hair Collage. Hairstyles

Holiday Hairstyles Coming Your Way

You know it’s coming. You can see it in the stores and sniff it on the breeze. The holidays have started their relentless advance on your schedule. Whether you’re hosting or attending, there will be new demands on your calendar…

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beautiful laughing woman with short hair

The Best Hairstyles for Fall 2016

There’s nothing quite like a good shag this fall. We’re talking hairstyles here…It’s the basis of most of the trending styles this season, and there is a huge range from which to choose. No matter what texture Mother Nature gave…

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Makeup artist applying liquid tonal foundation  on the face of the woman

Fall Makeup Tips & Tricks

Every season has its makeup musts that are usually riffs on those looks you saw on the fashion runways months ago. Sometimes they’re easy to do on your own, and sometimes not so much. This fall the news is all…

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Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long Brown Hair

Smooth and Straight Hair for Fall

Nothing compliments Mother Nature’s glorious fall colors more than smooth, shiny hair that reflects the autumn sunlight and moves naturally in the breeze. And that’s exactly what you will have following one of our signature Keratin treatments. Whether you have…

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