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How to Tell Your Stylist Exactly What You Want

You’ve just seen the best hairstyle ever, and you think it would look great on you. The problem is, it wasn’t in a picture, it was on someone you saw walking down the street. You go to your stylist, picturing…

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Planning in Advance for Your Spring Wedding

If you’re planning a spring wedding, now is the time to start thinking about details. You’ve got the dress, the venue, the cake, the DJ – there’s so much to remember! One detail you won’t want to forget is professional…

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Hot Hairstyles Trending for 2018

As we work our way through winter, it’s time to look ahead at some of the year’s exciting trends in hair styles. If you’re looking to try something new, you’re in luck! There’s something trending for everyone this year’s hottest…

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Beautiful Young Female Portrait isolated on White. Perfect Skin

Enhance Your Makeup with Regular Skincare

A great skincare routine is crucial, and healthy skin is a must to help your makeup look great. Luckily, building a good skincare routine is easy – here are some tips to get you started: Skin type. Identifying your skin…

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Fight the Frizz with Keratin Treatments

If you’re like many women, winter weather has left your hair frizzy, making styling more challenging and turning your morning routine into a time-consuming endeavor. Don’t despair – there is help! Keratin treatments can give you soft, silky hair, tame…

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Hair Color Trends for 2018

The new year is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with a complete style makeover – starting with a fun new hair color! Color trends for 2018 are exciting and have something for everyone. If you’re thinking…

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brunette girl with long hair and creative makeup

Extensions Will Add a New Dimension to Your Look

Want in on a little secret? Those gorgeous full locks that you envy on celebrities… well, they are probably extensions. They are becoming more and more popular and not only on the red carpet. Hair extensions not only add length,…

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Beautiful woman with brown long healthy smooth hair

Winter TLC For Your Hair

The holidays are a wonderful time of year – spending time with family and friends, eating wonderful food, going to parties, and more often than not, struggling with your hair that’s become dry and frizzy from too much heat styling…

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Wax Through the Winter

Now that the weather is getting cooler and it’s not going to stop till it gets downright cold this winter, don’t start thinking that you should ease back on your waxing. Yes, you may be thinking why continue when you’ll…

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Beautiful woman washing her hair in hairsalon

Hair Conditioner 101

Nothing feels better than walking out of the salon with your new precision haircut – you look great, you feel great, and your hair feels great. Good hair care is a crucial part of making that feeling last until your…

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